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"The Law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple; the precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes." -- Psalm 19:7-8 (ESV) --

Saturday, August 27, 2005


The men and women in the Armed Forces in Iraq have enough to deal with. I mean, they're in an unconstitutional war, they are being jeered by certain people who hope more troops die so they can spite Bush, and then there's the threat of the actual enemies shooting at them and planting booby traps. However, it's not supposed to be that way when they come home. Sadly, this happened to Spc. Jorge Estrada, who was murdered while on leave to witnes the birth of his daughter. If anyone has seen this scumbag, Fabian Urrea, age 19, please call the Murietta, California Police Department, 911, or 1-800-CRIMETV, which is the tipline for America's Most Wanted

Here's more about Spc. Estrada at Major K's blog, who served with him, here.


On July 31, two soldiers who had just returned from Iraq were severely beaten outside Pioneer Square in Seattle. The entire incident was caught on tape. Of course, this is just one blog with no widespread audience or anything, but I like, and work for, the cops. If anyone has seen or knows who these people are, contact the Seattle Police Department, or call 911. Please note: the first picture is of a person police are considering a witness, not an assailant.

Pictures from KOMO 1000/News 4 Website,
here. The video is there, too. Warning: it is sickening.

Friday, August 19, 2005


If she knew what she wants,
(He'd be giving it to her.)
If she knew what she needs,
(He can give her that too.)
If she knew what she wants
(But he can't see through her.)
If she knew what she wants,
He'd be giving it to her.
Giving it to her.
But she wants everything
(He can pretend to give her everything)
Or there's nothing she wants
(She don't want to sort it out)
He's crazy for this girl
(But she don't know what she's looking for)
If she knew what she wants,
He'd be giving it to her
Giving it to her.

I'd say her values are corrupted
but she's open to change.
Then one day she's satisfied
And the next I'll find her crying
And it's nothing she can explain.

If she knew what she wants,
(He'd be giving it to her.)
If she knew what she needs,
(He can give her that too.)
If she knew what she wants
(But he can't see through her.)
If she knew what she wants,
He'd be giving it to her.
Giving it to her.
(Giving it to her)

Some have a style
that they work hard to refine.
So they walk a crooked line.
But she won't understand
why anyone would have to try
to walk a line when they could fly

No sense thinking I could rehabiltate her
when she's fine, fine, fine.
She's got so many ideas travelling around in her head,
she doesn't need nothing from mine.

(Repeat chorus)

He'd be giving it to her.
He can give her that, too.
But he can't see through her.
Oooooooh, giving it to her.
Giving it to her.

--Written by Jules Shear, from the album, "Different Light" by the Bangles

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Thanks, Andrew

---Amount Of Music on Your Computer

According to Windows Media, 1.41 GB

---Currently Listening To:

Smokey Robinson, "Cruisin'"

---5 Songs that Mean a Lot To Me.

1. "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. This is the first song that I can recall from my earliest memories. I had to have been 5 or 6 when I heard this, because I remember the album when it came out. Even back then, I fell in love with Stevie Nicks soothing voice, and then with the rest of the album.

2. "Your Song" by Elton John. I have always loved this classic song. Sometimes, it makes you feel good, and even though many have tried to cover the song, the original is the best.

3. "Another Brick in the Wall," by Pink Floyd. This song takes me back to elementary school. The anthem of the time, and what did kids know anyway?

4. "Absolute Beginners"," an interesting, quaint little song by David Bowie. I just liked the song when it came out, and it stuck with me ven though it was never a big hit.

5. "Stand By Me" Reminds me of the friends I have...and the movie, too.

-- Top 5 Albums

1. "Rumors," Fleetwood Mac. Same reason as above.

2. "Footloose," Motion Picture Soundtrack. One of the best soundtracks for one of the better movies. That chicken on construction equipment scene is still the best, as was that car transfer.

3. "Saturday Night Fever," Motion Picture Soundtrack. SImply one of the best of all time.

4. "Joshua Tree," by U2

5. Can't really think of a 5th. If I do, I'll edit this post.

I tag Josh.


A constitutional declaration of war would probably not unite the country on the issue of the Iraqi war because there will obviously be discussions and disagreements on the war and its goals. However, when one goes into a conflict illegally, even for good purposes, then we get stuck in an ethical quagmire, and we have people who are nonetheless thankful for what the war has done. The bell has already been rung. It can't be unrung. There are people who are depending on President Bush to keep his word and not abandon them like his father did to the Kurds. Here's one such person. And here is another good article. Please notice the picture, and ask Mr. Reese: "Mustard gas, sir...MUSTARD GAS! Yeah, there weren't any WMDs in Iraq."

In conclusion, at the very least a constitutional declaration of war would give ethical credence to the war. It's not too late, and as I said on Memorial Day, to those who have died since September 11 in military operations, I pray your sacificies and death will not be smeared or in vain.

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the links)


I wonder if anyone else out there thinks that shere should be a mandatory exam for all who wish to serve in the government, either as an employee but especially those who are elected, on how government works. Well, some good would come about it if part of that exam contained 150 questions on the U.S. Constitution, but I digress...sort of.

In today's Orange COunty Register, there is a story about the State Supreme Court placing a redistricting initiative back on the ballot of a special election to e held in November. The story is uneventful except for one bizarre statement. It's either a lie, or just total ignorance.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez compared this ruling to the 2000 ruling on the presidential election. He said, "It shows why a small group of politically appointed judges should not be given sole power to determine who represents California." If he is talking about the Supreme Court Justices, he is off his rocker. WHile it is true that these justices are appointed and confirmed, every one of them has to go before the voters to determine if their terms should be extended. Hence, the people can throw off any judge at any time, from the Supreme Court to the lowest municipal court. The last notable time this happened was in 1986, when voters threw out then-Chief Justice Rose Bird and two Associate Justices because they refused to follow the law on the death penalty. Furthermore, any judge can be subject to a recall election. Gray Davis knows much about this. Finally, unlike the US Constitution, the California Constitution explicitly grants authority to the courts to rule authoritatively on the constitutional issues.

Final grade: D-

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm probably going to step on some toes, but it doesn't matter. For awhile, I've considered myself part of the anti-war crowd because of the unconstitutional nature of this war. The problem is, when someone gets labelled, you get grouped with some unpleasant people, but I am talking more about the conservative side of the spectrum. Some just don't even seem to try to understand the issues at all. I hope I do, but this doesn't mean I agree with them.

For instance, and this is a hat tip to Josh, an article at calls the neocons theory "childish." Of course, this is just an insult when one can't interat with the facts, at least the way the opponent sees them. It only takes three paragraphs for the seething hatred of Bush to emerge. He writes that either the Bush administration knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, or were dumb enough to believe it. This is what we philosophers call a false dichotomy: giving an either/or option when a third option may exist. In this case, the third option does exist: everyone, and I mean everyone, took it for granted that Hussein had WMDs. Remember, he gassed the Kurds. So one wonders who is truly stupid. Hindsight doesn't make one smarter, but overusing it makes one stupid.

Secondly, it's not a childish theory to think that installing a democratic government in Iraq would spread to others. Theoretically, it could work, but there is a fly in the ointment that President Bush and the neoconservatives missed: the strength of Islam in the area. Unfortunately, the United States has become a secular democracy, and President Bush and the neocons are a product of this worldview, and their fatal flaw is that this would be suitable in Iraq. It certainly is not, given the strong influence Islam has in the region. For them, everything is for Allah, and this is a now foreign view to the US. This country has been drunk on the seperation of church and state myth, but Islam requires an integration of state and religion. Hence, the sharia law is simply a natural extension because that is what Allah (allegedly) requires, and if he truly is the Creator and is righteous, he will certainly require that all follow his law, and this is what Islam teached, and it will either be voluntarily or through the sword. Democracy, therefore, aside from perhaps electing officials, is incompatible to Islam. That was their problem. But theoretically, if it had succeded, it could have spread.

Furthermore, it is also disingenuous to use the troops deaths as anti-war fodder. Phil Hendrie said it correctly when Michael Moore used the picture of the coffins at Dover AFB. How does he know what those men and women think about the war. Yes, they are dead, but what would they think if they were still alive. Many of them are Christians I am sure, so in the resurrection, if we asked them, what would they say at the time? There are many in the Armed Forces who believe in the mission; I've talked to some of them near Camp Pendleton. What about them? It's not a simple matter of tallying death and placing pictures. Look at Cindy Sheehan and her sudden change of character...and what were the true feeling of her son?

Of course, I am in a precarious position too. I am anti-war because it is unconstitutional. However, what if there had been a declaration of war? Well, I'm on the record how I would have run the war: essentially, attacked, surrounded Baghdad, and then used Hussein as our puppet against Al-Qaeda. I'd have Guantanamo Bayed a small part of southern Iraq, grabbed a couple of oil fields, and built a base there with weapons and would have told Hussein if we get attacked, we attack him, so it's in his best interest to see we're not attacked. But that didn't happen. Now what?

If you're a constitutionalist, and given everything known at the time (prior to Iraq and Afghanistan), a declaration of war was issued, would you be in favor of the war now?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


"...And Discovery is home...welcome home, friends!"

End of Mission: 8/9/2005 @ 05:11:22 PDT

(Photo credit: NASA)

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